Pioneer Pantry Trip

Ryan, Zeke, Taylor, and I took a trip to the pantry again.  We picked up a good haul of bananas, apples, and some other fresh food.  With being past the halfway point of semester, it’s good to remind everyone that we have a resource for food on campus.


Would You Rather…

This bulletin board is a great way for all of us to see how everyone feels about some (slightly) polarizing topics.  Make sure you grab your clip and make your choice!

Spooky Halloween Facts

With Halloween fast approaching, I put up a bulletin board with some spooky facts!  The more you know about Halloween, the less spooky it will be (if you’re afraid like me).

Pioneer Provisions

After I got back from class today, Ryan wanted to go to the food pantry on campus.  We got seven of us to go!  Not everyone knew about the pantry, so it was great to see the awareness grow for Pioneer Provisions.

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