Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Ryan, Taylor, and Jordan hung around in my room while we all watched the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on replay this weekend. The race was very dramatic through the first 40 laps, and got really crazy once some teammates collided. This set off a string of other unexpected effects, making this an unforgettable race.


Basketball Shootout

Dylan and I faced off against each other in the basketball shootout. We played four games total: he won, then we tied, and then I took the next 2 for the overall victory. It was an epic battle, with a hard fought victory at the end.

Fortnite Tournament

Taylor, Dylan, Preston, Ryan, and I all watched the big Fortnite tournament that Ninja put on this past weekend in Vegas. We saw $50,000 in prize money go out to players with some crazy gameplay and some really intense moments.

3 South Playlist

Music is a big part of my life, and I know everyone has different tastes. Every week or so, I’ll have a new category for the wing to make a playlist!

Glow Games

Hugunin hosted the Friday Night Club this past weekend, which was a lot of fun for everyone involved.  I know that Kyle and I had a blast doing the DJ turntables, and everyone also appreciated the snacks and beautiful weather.img_0299

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