February Fiesta at Porter

A couple of us went to the FNC at Porter this past Friday for nachos, tacos, and the games they had. Our team of me, Marty, Zeke, and Eli took the victory in Family Feud!


3 South Playlist

Music is a big part of my life, and I know everyone has different tastes. Every week or so, I’ll have a new category for the wing to make a playlist!

Glow Games

Hugunin hosted the Friday Night Club this past weekend, which was a lot of fun for everyone involved.  I know that Kyle and I had a blast doing the DJ turntables, and everyone also appreciated the snacks and beautiful weather.img_0299

Birthday Buffalo Wild Wings

It was my birthday yesterday!  To celebrate, I went to Dubuque with Ryan, Taylor, Zeke, Travis, Garrett, and Jason to get wings.  We all devoured our food and brought some leftovers back for later.

Patriots vs. Chiefs

For the first game of the NFL season, we had a bunch of us watching in my room.  Jason is a Patriots fan, so the second part of the game was definitely more enjoyable for the rest of us when the Chiefs started to pull away.

Info Door Decs

Last night I put some smaller door decs up for everyone in either blue, green, or orange.  You can see that there’s spaces for you to answer the basic questions.  Once all these are filled out, we’ll all be able to walk around the wing and see who you share similar interests with!img_0202

Rick and Morty

Tim, Taylor, Eric, Dylan and I were talking in my room about how my Chromecast worked, so I showed them how to cast with some Rick and Morty.  We ended up staying and watching 3 episodes from Season 3 that night.  I know people are interested in the show, and maybe we’ll end up having a wing viewing party.

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