Safari Door Decorations

All across Hugunin, we’ve had a Safari theme for the beginning of the year!  I made door decorations of a lion for everyone on the wing to be a part of the Safari adventure.img_1819


Try Something New

Did you know that there’s over 120 different student organizations on campus?  You can access all of them on PioneerLink.  I chose 10 of these that you might not have heard of before to highlight.  All of these clubs are a great way to get involved on campus!img_0196

Platteville Safari

Platteville can seem like a big and scary place at times.  This bulletin board is here for you to become familiar with campus and the surrounding areas.  There are outlines for many resources on campus, as well as fun places and restaurants.img_0195

Get to Know Your RA

I put together a small bulletin board about myself for you all to read.  I obviously can’t fit everything about myself onto the board, but this really paints a good picture.  Now that you all know about me, I’m excited to get to know all of you!img_0197

Welcome to 3 South!

Hi everyone!  This is the first of many blog posts about our wing this year.  I will be posting updates on the wing, our activities, door decorations, and much more.  Make sure to check this space frequently!


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