Would You Rather…

This bulletin board is a great way for all of us to see how everyone feels about some (slightly) polarizing topics.  Make sure you grab your clip and make your choice!


Spooky Halloween Facts

With Halloween fast approaching, I put up a bulletin board with some spooky facts!  The more you know about Halloween, the less spooky it will be (if you’re afraid like me).

Video Game Tournament/Floor Meeting

Tim put on a video game tournament at our floor meeting this week.  We spent in total about 2.5 hours playing Call of Duty 4 and Mario Kart Double Dash.  It eventually turned into residents from almost every wing stopping by and playing for a while.  It was a good stress reliever for the beginning of midterm week!

Wings with the Wings

Kyle and I put on an event where we took wing orders from people all over the hall.  Kyle, Garrett, and I drove to Dubuque to pick up the almost $300 order.  Once we got back, everyone got their wings and ate together in the basement!  It was great to take a break from the grind of the semester approaching midterm week and relax with some wings.

Homecoming Parade

We embraced the rainy conditions and marched in the Homecoming Parade today! Candy was thrown, laughs were had, and we did a great job representing Hugunin Hall!

Variety Show

Sam, Noah, and I went with a group of peeps from Hugunin to watch Zeke, Bryan, and James steal the show!  Even though Sam and Noah had to sit far apart from us we all felt like one big happy family ❤️

Reverse Tug of War

Noah, Taylor, Ryan, Sam, and I went to cheer on Andrew and the rest of Hugunin Hall at Reverse Tug of War!  We won a great first match, but we couldn’t prevail at the end of the night.

Pioneer Provisions

After I got back from class today, Ryan wanted to go to the food pantry on campus.  We got seven of us to go!  Not everyone knew about the pantry, so it was great to see the awareness grow for Pioneer Provisions.

Tug of War!

To start off Homecoming Week, we went down behind the basketball courts for Tug of War.  We put in a heck of a fight, but the odds were stacked against us with our matchups and the condition of the ground.  It was still great to cheer on the hall and get hyped!

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