Fortnite Tournament

Taylor, Dylan, Preston, Ryan, and I all watched the big Fortnite tournament that Ninja put on this past weekend in Vegas. We saw $50,000 in prize money go out to players with some crazy gameplay and some really intense moments.


Think Before You Drink

There are lots of myths floating around about alcohol consumption. This board clears up a lot of these.

Devil’s Lake Geography Talk

Ryan and I went to a talk by the Geography department about Devil’s Lake and the Baraboo Hills. We went to the talk with our Intro to Human Geography professor, Dr. Todd Stradford.  We learned about the history of the area, and how it was shaped over time from weather and erosion. We also learned about how humans have made an effect on Devil’s Lake (both good and bad). It was cool to see how a very popular state park is shaped by millions of years of change, especially to hear it from a member of the UWP Faculty.

Quest for a Cactus

Ryan has wanted a cactus for his room for a couple days now, and we went on an adventure to Dubuque to get one. Travis and Natalie tagged along as we stopped at Bdubs and Petco before finding Spike (his new friend) at Lowe’s. Now, Ryan can see Spike grow and thrive in the wonderful environment of 3 South!

This is War!

The first nerf war of the semester was a great hour and a half of action-packed intensity! As you can see in the video, it resulted in lots of team communication for the victory. It was great to see Tim, Jose, Spencer, Adam, and Eric there along with almost 20 other residents.

Biceps/Back Day

Travis and Ryan dragged me along to the gym today. We did deadlifts (which Matt came and did a few), some lats, and some biceps. I’m exhausted and going to be very sore, but we (mostly me) have all got to start somewhere.

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