Nerf Battle!

We had a crazy Nerf Battle in the barren wasteland we call 4 North.  Almost 30 residents showed up, and we fought for about an hour and a half through the halls.  We set up cardboard boxes as barriers and we opened up rooms to create cover and even home bases.  It was exhausting, but another one is hopefully on the schedule for the future!


Ping Pong & Pool

Last night after I got back from my quick trip home for the day, I was talking with Eric, Taylor, and Hayden about playing some ping pong.  I grabbed my ping pong stuff, and Hayden grabbed his pool stuff.  We mentioned our plans to some others on the wing, and we eventually had about 8 people from all over the building!  We played some pretty intense ping pong, even using our phones and shoes as paddles at one point.

Patriots vs. Chiefs

For the first game of the NFL season, we had a bunch of us watching in my room.  Jason is a Patriots fan, so the second part of the game was definitely more enjoyable for the rest of us when the Chiefs started to pull away.

Info Door Decs

Last night I put some smaller door decs up for everyone in either blue, green, or orange.  You can see that there’s spaces for you to answer the basic questions.  Once all these are filled out, we’ll all be able to walk around the wing and see who you share similar interests with!img_0202


I went to Bridgefest along with Taylor, Travis, and Hayden.  We got a bunch of free stuff, learned a lot about the different resources both on and off campus, and Taylor ended up winning a free meal from Los Amigos because he won the salsa challenge!

Rick and Morty

Tim, Taylor, Eric, Dylan and I were talking in my room about how my Chromecast worked, so I showed them how to cast with some Rick and Morty.  We ended up staying and watching 3 episodes from Season 3 that night.  I know people are interested in the show, and maybe we’ll end up having a wing viewing party.

Free Bowling

When there’s free bowling, you’ve gotta go.  I went to the CPR event at Pioneer Lanes with 12 other wing members.  They limited us to 6 people per lane, so we had to spread ourselves out over 3 different lanes.  Sadly we didn’t have time to bowl our two games, and I definitely was the worst bowler out of all of us.  It was awesome to see everyone’s bowling prowess, especially when it was free!

Cards Against Humanity

After a long day of RA and Dining Services Training, I played Cards Against Humanity with some residents from a couple different wings to relieve some stress and take our minds off the long day.  Hayden has almost every single expansion pack, which meant we played for almost 2.5 hours and didn’t even use 20% of the cards.

First Wing Dinner

After the super busy commotion of move-in day, about 10 of us went to Bridgeway for our first wing dinner.  We went around and introduced ourselves, but we didn’t really talk all that much with all the food we had.  We also got to Bridgeway before any of the other Hugunin wings, which allowed us to eat first!

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