Quest for a Cactus

Ryan has wanted a cactus for his room for a couple days now, and we went on an adventure to Dubuque to get one. Travis and Natalie tagged along as we stopped at Bdubs and Petco before finding Spike (his new friend) at Lowe’s. Now, Ryan can see Spike grow and thrive in the wonderful environment of 3 South!


February Fiesta at Porter

A couple of us went to the FNC at Porter this past Friday for nachos, tacos, and the games they had. Our team of me, Marty, Zeke, and Eli took the victory in Family Feud!

This is War!

The first nerf war of the semester was a great hour and a half of action-packed intensity! As you can see in the video, it resulted in lots of team communication for the victory. It was great to see Tim, Jose, Spencer, Adam, and Eric there along with almost 20 other residents.

Biceps/Back Day

Travis and Ryan dragged me along to the gym today. We did deadlifts (which Matt came and did a few), some lats, and some biceps. I’m exhausted and going to be very sore, but we (mostly me) have all got to start somewhere.

Life Lessons from Charlie Brown

The Peanuts characters have been a staple of holiday TV shows for many years, and has been seen all around the world. The show we know and love not only is great to watch; it holds messages on perseverance, motivation, and living life to the fullest.

First Spring Ultimate Practice

Travis, Dylan, and I went to the first Ultimate practice of the semester tonight. It was another indoor practice, so it was nice to not fight the wind. Travis also did great for only his second practice!

Just Do It

  • Nike’s slogan is a great motto to live by sometimes. These door decorations are a reminder to push through the tough times and achieve the goals you want!

3 South Playlist

Music is a big part of my life, and I know everyone has different tastes. Every week or so, I’ll have a new category for the wing to make a playlist!

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