Pioneer Provisions (Again)

Each week, a couple of us will head on over to Pioneer Provisions and pick up some food.  Today, it was me, Ryan, and Sam.  Not only did we get to get some food until we head back for Thanksgiving, but we got to save food that would otherwise be wasted.


Indoor Ultimate Practice

Me, Dylan, and (our newcomer to Ultimate) Travis went to the first indoor Ultimate practice of the season.  It was great to have 2 hours of frisbee after not playing since October.  It was a blast, but definitely a lot of effort and running.

Jose Ballientos

Ryan, Sam, and I went with Lauren, Kyle, Madi, and their friend Megan to Stand Up Saturday! Jose Ballientos gave us a good time, some stress-relieving laughs, and some great prank ideas.

High School Musical!

As we were chilling in my room and listening to music, Breaking Free from High School Musical came on my Spotify shuffle. We turned it up fairly loud, and had a great sing a long including myself, Travis, and Connor as he walked out of his room. It eventually turned into me, Ryan, Travis, Zeke, and Katie and Cori from 2 South watching the movie! It was a great trip down memory lane for all of us and a good way study break.

Vine Compilations

Life can be pretty stressful sometimes.  A great way to relieve some stress can come through comedy: specifically vine compilations.  Me, Travis, Ryan (for a bit), and some other staff members watched some vines for a while yesterday.  It was a great way to chill out for a bit and relax.

Pioneer Pantry Trip

Ryan, Zeke, Taylor, and I took a trip to the pantry again.  We picked up a good haul of bananas, apples, and some other fresh food.  With being past the halfway point of semester, it’s good to remind everyone that we have a resource for food on campus.

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