Light Up Ultimate

Ryan and I joined Louis and a bunch of his friends for some ultimate on Tuesday night in the circle.  It was a super nice night out, and we didn’t let the lack of sunlight stop us from a good time.


Auto Controls: EE vs. ME

Dylan is taking the Automatic Controls mechanical engineering class, and he was working on some of his homework.  This class is also offered in the electrical engineering department, with a slight change on what is taught.  It was interesting to see the difference between the EE department and the ME department’s teaching style and curriculum for a class that was basically the same content.  He was working on Bode Plots of a transfer function’s frequency response, which is something I’ve done a lot of in my classes.

Beach Day!

With the beautiful weather this weekend, we decided to make a trip to the beach. Ryan and I went with some of his friends from Brockert to Governer Dodge State Park in Dodgeville.

Playing Catch in the Beautiful Weather

When I got back from an ultimate tourney this weekend, I hadn’t thrown enough frisbee yet for the day. Ryan and I went in the circle and played catch for a while until it got too dark to really see the disc anymore. It was a great way to enjoy the weather and relax before starting the second-last regular week of the school year.

Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Ryan, Taylor, and Jordan hung around in my room while we all watched the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on replay this weekend. The race was very dramatic through the first 40 laps, and got really crazy once some teammates collided. This set off a string of other unexpected effects, making this an unforgettable race.

If The World Was 100 People…

I put up this bulletin board to show the spread of race, gender, monetary status, and more. It takes the proportions of these stats of the entire worldwide population, and simplifies it down to if the world only had 100 people. This does a really good job to paint the picture that people come from very different backgrounds and walks of life all around the world.

Basketball Shootout

Dylan and I faced off against each other in the basketball shootout. We played four games total: he won, then we tied, and then I took the next 2 for the overall victory. It was an epic battle, with a hard fought victory at the end.


I joined Stuart, Zeke, Noah, and a lot of other Hugunin residents at the K12 House event today. The Bernese Buds came to the hall for some much needed stress relief. Lots of petting ensued.

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